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France TRAIT & its National Breed Associations breeds

Dynamism and professionalisation. These are the terms that sum up the French draught horse network today.
The breeders, with full confidence in their associations, have taken the future into the own hands.
I take this opportunity to pay them tribute. Let’s give credit where credit’s due!

In 2007, France TRAIT openly announced its ambition to become the leading authority on draught horses. Two years later, it is starting this development with the support of other sectors in the
network and strengthening its representativeness.

The new organisation of the network today appears to give us the freedom to make decisions. This legitimate power should finally enable the breed associations to decide on the focus of their own breeding and production development policy. But the battle has not yet been won. Power is nothing without an executive.
The priority now is to find the human and financial resources necessary to the operating our associations. These are now required to become true professional bodies, supported by the commitment of the breeders. To fully enable this development of the network, the State, National Stud Farms and the EPERON Fund must continue their support, be it political, technical or financial. It will no doubt be
necessary to reflect on the rules for managing the various aid to the network.

The draught horse is agricultural. Its production, social aspect and role in countryside management and sustainable development today make it a contributor to French agricultural life.
It is now also a component of common agricultural policy. This recognition, on the same basis as other agricultural production in Europe, is an achievement of our France TRAIT federation. It is proof of the attention of the French authorities. Through transparent dialogue, professionals, unions and executive institutions have been able to listen to and understand each other to best serve the interests of the breeders. A new horizon is here.

The network is changing. France TRAIT will take responsibility for the entire French draught horse network. It will continue to work in a spirit of professionalisation to advance breeding to enable improved
financial development.Together, with the involvement of all, we will achieve this. The draught horse has ploughed a furrow and sown the seed, at a slow pace admittedly, but with power and endurance. It is now time for harvest. May it be abundant and promising for the future!


Pierre Pasdermadjian
President of France TRAIT